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Welcome to the ArduEye Wiki!

ArduEye is a project by Centeye, Inc. to develop open source hardware to allow an Arduino to implement a smart machine vision sensor. All software and hardware (chips and PCBs) for this project was developed either from pre-existing open source designs or from Centeye's own 100% IR&D efforts.

Getting Started Guide
Everything you need to get the StonymanUnoRocket Base and Stonyman chip up and running with an example sketch

Example Sketches
Arduino sketches for different applications

Utility Sketches
Sketches that demonstrate a library or help you start your own sketch

Code Repositories
Current versions of all Arduino Libraries, Arduino Sketches, and GUI source code on Github

User Contributed Examples
Arduino sketches contributed by users

Library Documentation
Description of functions available in ArduEye Libraries

Documents relating to ArduEye hardware


The contents of this site are released under a Creative Commons share-alike license (CC BY-SA).

ArduEye is a project created by Centeye and is not related to Arduino other than the fact that we use off-the-shelf Arduino boards for this work. No official relationship exists between Arduino and either Centeye or ArduEye. We are just a fan of their work!

Stylization: We request that ArduEye be written in "camel case", e.g. with both the "A" and the first "E" capitalized.

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